USR-TCP232-304-PCBA-Serial RS485 to Ethernet Module

USR-TCP232-304-pcba is internally integrated with TCP/IP protocol.


USR-TCP232-304-PCBA-Serial RS485 to Ethernet Module

This is a serial RS485 to Ethernet module,used for data transparent transmission.USR-TCP232-304-pcba is a low-cost serial Ethernet converter,whose function is to realize bidirectional transparent transmission between RS485 and Ethernet.USR-TCP232-304-pcba is internally integrated with TCP/IP protocol.User can apply it to device networking communication.

  • Support DHCP, automatically obtain an IP address and query IP address through serial setting protocol
  • Support DNS function
  • Set parameters through webpage
  • Upgrade firmware via network
  • Auto-MDI/MDIX, RJ45 port with 10/100Mbps
  • Serial port baud rate from 600 bps to 230.4 Kbps, Check bit of None, Odd, Even, Mark and Space
  • Work mode: TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Client, UDP Server, HTTPD Client
  • Support virtual serial port and provide corresponding software USR-VCOM
  • Heartbeat package mechanism to ensure connection is reliable, put an end to dead link
  • User-defined registration package mechanism, check connection status and use as custom packet header
  • Under TCP Server mode, Client number ranges from 1 to 16; default number is 4
  • The global unique MAC address bought from IEEE, user can define MAC address
  • Restore factory default
  • Across the gateway, switches, routers
  • Can work in LAN, also can work in the Internet (external network)
  • Provide PC TCP/IP socket programming example such as VB,C++,Delphi,Android and IOS
  • Support customization