Sensor Evaluation Kits

Boards and software for faster sensor evaluation .


Sensor Evaluation Kits

Our Sensor Evaluation Kits provide a cost-effective way for customers to learn about the capabilities of our sensors, allowing for faster, more informed, and more efficient component decisions and a speedier product development process. Customers are able to perform a thorough evaluation of a sensor without needing to develop additional code.

The kits interface selected sensors to an Arduino™ Uno Rev3 Microcontroller Board. Honeywell software, which can be downloaded for free below, controls the Arduino board to take readings from the sensor. Sensor measurements are displayed on the user’s PC and can be recorded to a .csv file for further analysis. In addition to being mounted directly on the SEK001, the sensor may also be remotely connected to the SEK001 via wire leads, allowing the sensor to be tested in adverse environments, or in a prototype product for proof of concept testing.

Currently, Honeywell offers the SEK001 Sensor Evaluation Kit and related free software for use with the TruStability™ RSC Series, and digital versions of the HSC Series and SSC Series Board Mount Pressure Sensors. Additional kits for other sensors are being developed.