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SEN-SZ43WA Inlet solenoid valve, pressure inlet valve, the material for copper, pressure capacity of 1.75MPa, G3/4 outer wire interface, detailed specifications: 64.7*35*61mm, outer tooth length 15.4mm.The installation method can be arbitrary, providing switching action, belonging to the implementation of devices, mainly used in the flow of water closed and open control. Voltage DC12, the use of temperature is divided into conventional valves (30 degrees Celsius) and boiling water valve (100 degrees Celsius), the service life of more than 300 thousand times, the DC resistance is 27 + 5% (20 degrees Celsius).Water heater, water machine, water machine, Water solenoid valve according to the actual usage please select the appropriate voltage and temperature in the preparation of the selection, please filter installed in the water inlet end, avoid impurity inhalation leads off the water lax or open water solenoid valve is blocked; precision electronic devices, do not arbitrarily open to prevent damage, where the demolition of unauthorized water solenoid valve opened are not within our scope of warranty.


mechanical equipment, instrumentation, actuator supporting the use of sensors, mainly for supporting the use of devices and signal flow sensor, float switch, proximity switch, pressure switch, temperature sensor etc.

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