Products Description:

SEN-HZ06S water flow sensor, Hall working principle,output pulse signal,can be used as a flow switch ,but also can be used to measure the flow .Accurate measurement,small starting flow ,large flow, high precision.


Filter element manager, direct drinking machine, water purifier, coffee machine, water dispenser, instrument and equipment.

Technical Parameter:

Temperature water ≤ 60°C
Operating Voltage Range DC4.5-18V Could be Customized 24V
Withstand Hydraulic Pressure  ≤ 1.75MPa
Material Grade Copper
Flow Range 0.3-3L/min
Rated Voltage/Current DC4.5V ≤ 10mA
Connection Three lines,red for positive,black for negative,yellow for pulse signal
Interface ø6mm quick plug auto-lock
Customization The length of connection and the type of the connection terminal.

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