SEN-HZ06C-E Water Flow Sensor

FDA Certification , POM Materials, Apply to water dispenser , Water purifier, Coffee machine , Tea brewing machine , Beer machine , ETC.,


SEN-HZ06C-E Water Flow Sensor

SEN-HZ06C-E Water Flow Sensor, hall working principle, pulse signal output, can be used as a water switch,but also can be used to measure the flow,6mm spile.


Filter element manager, direct drinking machine, water purifier,coffer machine,water dispenser instrument and equipment.

Technical Parameter:

Temperature Water ≤ 60°C
 Operating Voltage Range  DC4.5-18V Could be customized 24V
 Withstand hydraulic pressure  0.8MPa
 Material Grade  POM Food grade,available in food and medical equipment
 Flow Range  0.15-1.5L/min      0.2-2.5L/min      0.3-3.0L/min     0.3-4.0L/min
 Rated Voltage/Current  DC4.5≤10mA
 Connection  Three lines,red for positive,black for negative,yellow for pulse signal.
 Interface  ∅6mm hose/RO Tube
 Customization  The length of connection and the type of the connection terminal.


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