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Excess solution in simple words is to find some profitable and easy solution to your excess and unused inventory which is occupying your money and space. This is the first time in India that we are offering you a professional and organized platform to liquidate your unused and idle inventory of active and passive semiconductor. We offer to buy your excess stock there below two programmes. You can choose any of below based on your needs.

  • 1.Consignment stock (CS)
  • In this programme you will send your excess stock to our warehouse. We will inspect, count, catalogue and store it is our state of the art warehouse. We will provide you with audited accounting of the inventory and insure it to avoid any loss due to situations beyond human control.

    This collective inventory will be sold and marketed through our more than 4000 stock distributor and stockist network as indeed and international generating highest possible revenue for your product.

    We will than share this revenue on agreed terms and condition.

  • Benefits of Consignment stocks
    i) Highest ROI
    ii) Flexible
    iii) Peace of mind

  • Excess cash (Lot Buy)
    This program suits best for those clients who want to get immediate cash for there excess inventory. Its very simple and traditional way to liquidates your excess inventory. You will just provide your list of available items and we will make a cash offer. After the acceptance of the offer you will ship the part and we will pay as per the agreement

  • Benefits
    i) Quick Liquid
    ii) Greater Return
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